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Our wide range of programs for all ages to meet all your needs to develop mind, body and spirit in the Martial Arts to enhance your life.


           TINY TIGERS 4-6 yrs TUE/THUR 5:30-6:00 pm


Our Tiny Tigers program is unsurpassed. The focus is to instill in  small children  with the skills needed to help develop hand eye coordination, follow directions, balance, safety skills, concentration, respect and discipline in a fun action packed environment .

           CHILDREN AGE 7-14 MON / WED-6:00 pm-7:00, TUE /THU 6:15-7:15

Our Children's class is focused on developing physical fitness, self-defense and safety skills. Our  program also helps your child build confidence, focus and respect for themselves and others. From the first day of class, values of respect, courtesy, control and discipline are instilled in every student. Instructors provide training that is interesting and challenging while reinforcing these important values. there are no benchwarmers, every child can fully participate at their own pace. This makes it particularly helpful for children who struggle with attention and behavior disorders.

           ADULT AGE 15 AND UP MON /WED-7:15-8:15  TUE /THUR 7:30-8:30 


Whether your emphasis is on personal protection, improved health and fitness, and/or mental clarity and well being, our personalized instruction will help you discover the incredible benefits of our adult classes and its traditional values to everyday living. Regardless of your age, current physical condition or abilities, our professional instructors will be happy to inspire you to realize your personal best through our program.



Students can also arrange for private instruction from the instructor of their choice. In these private lessons, the instructor will design a lesson plan that meets the individual student's needs. Some of the benefits of private lessons include: Developing confidence for group instruction, Preparing for tournaments or examinations, Improving one's technique, forms, or sparring, Self-defense instruction​ (separate fee) 

           Special clinic's


Special clinics for members covering weapons training. This includes: Sword, staff, short stick, and more. Also rank appropriate clinics to cover both basic and advanced training. 


Classes are focused on relaxation, stress reduction, meditation, breathing exercises. No experience needed. Held on Saturdays 9-10:00 am.
(See Calendar for dates.)

Reiki sessions by appointment 

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