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Testimonials Read why we are the leader of Martial Arts

"Where traditions begins and values are taught" Sa Bom Nim David Cooper


“Our son Cameron has learned so much in the past 4 years with Lemners. Starting with the Tiny Tigers and now Gup level, he has gained so much discipline and perseverance needed to achieve his goals. He has applied this knowledge in his social life and at school. We thank Lemners for their endless dedication to these children's lives.   Gary, Bourbonnais, Il. Parent


“My son Zach started Soo Bahk Do through the park district 5 years ago. He has learned a lot about discipline, which he uses every day. He has moved from white belt to 2nd degree and has learned so much about the Korean history, language, and self-defense. Zach looks forward to going every week to learn. It has made him be accountable for his actions in school, and has built his confidence. Soo Bahk Do crosses into all aspects of life.   Pete, Kankakee, Il. Parent


“I started Soo Bahk Do 6 years ago when i was 11 years old. I have gained confidence,discipline, respect and a great deal about self-defense. The instructors and members of the studio have become a family to me. Everyone is very encouraging and supportive both inside and outside the studio.    Kelly, Bourbonnais, Il. Student


“My son has been a part of Soo Bahk Do for three years and we have seen  a dramatic difference with his self-confidence and discipline towards his chores and daily tasks. He loves Soo Bahk Do and it has made a huge difference with his personality. Sam,St. Anne, Il. Parent


“Our boys have been taking Soo Bahk Do at Lemners for 4 years now. My husband and I love the way they emphasize discipline, perseverance and other virtues to all students and ages. They started lessons twice a week, but now they go 4 times a week, because they love it.    Susan, Kankakee, Il. Parent 


“When my son started Soo Bahk Do, I thought he wouldn't continue for a long time. He has been training for 2 years now and wants to continue to receive his 1st degree black belt. His coordination and discipline has been developed and he has become more confident about himself. We can't wait for our 3 year old to start!     Auriena, Bourbonnais, Il. Parent 


“When my son started Soo Bahk Do, I knew that he wouldn't be the only one benefiting from the experience. It became a part of our family lifestyle to try and have that Moo DO (martial spirit) in all we do. He has learned lessons that cannot be put into words, but they will remain with him all of his life. My daughter became interested at 5, and joined the Tiny Tigers. It has shaped her in so many ways and her confidence has grown so much. Lemners Soo Bahk Do is not just another martial arts studio. Steve and his instructors accept the children as family and instill confidence, discipline, respect, dedication, perseverance and cooperation. I always recommend Lemners to those I know. I truly believe this studio changes everyone involved in a positive manner.      Brittaney, Bradley, Il. Parent

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