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Moo Do Philiosphy in LIfe

So this blog presents my experience's in life by applying the martial philosophy of Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan to action.

Steven Lemner with Kwan Jang Nim H.C. Hwang

It is through this blog that I would like to share those insights that I’ve learned over the many years. Being my personal insight, hopefully it will help the reader to open doors of understanding. Because in the martial arts we all had a different motivations of why we started, each of us, as we continue on our martial arts journey has times when the motivation of why we train changes, as our life’s change. This is in harmony with the Tao. I can say from personal experience that my understanding of the teachings of Hwang Kee through his art has changed over the many years of my practice, and teaching. Many new revelations of philosophy have come to me, especially when teaching. Our students help us to understand ourselves on so many levels.

A very important factor in traditional martial arts is the student instructor relationship. Without an instructor to oversee our training we miss many opportunities to grow, refine, and discover deeper levels of understanding. It’s through this relationship with our instructor that we discover the philosophy and its application to our daily lives. They help us to become aware of situations we might not see. Once we recognize the situations, and understand its meanings, we can then apply the philosophy into our lifestyle which makes it part of our own world. So this book presents my experience as related to life by applying the martial philosophy to action.

With great respect,

Steven Lemner


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