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Consistency in Training

Consistency (일관되게 )

in martial arts training

By Steven Lemner

“Long-term consistency trumps short-term intensity.” – Bruce Lee

( Cho Shim) (초심 beginners mind)

When adults and kids genuinely enjoy what they do or have truly invested in the value of what they signed up for, the excitement lost in the newness of a new activity can be made up for in dedication, commitment, and perseverance.

The values taught in Soo Bahk Do are traits that become instilled in our character. It is only through a consistent training schedule do we develop the habits and character that help us to become the very best we can be. The passion that fueled your initial signing can get you through the tougher times — and the friends and family you make in your activity can carry you through the lulls in enthusiasm. But it is the individual that must develop their own personal discipline. It is not easy, but it’s value is vast. It flows into all aspects of our life.

As parents and instructors we want the very best for our children/students and with the instructor we create a team to foster their growth on so many levels. They don’t see it at the time, but they will in time. So parents are at the forefront of this effort. Our mutual support in the times they “don’t feel like it”, “I’m tired”, are critical. They, without them realizing it builds that very important traits needed in life, never give up, give one hundred percent to get one hundred percent.

(Joong Shim) ( 심정 middle mind)

The instructor plans on having their members in class as they plan what the student needs to succeed. When students are inconsistent, it not only hinders their progress to their goal, but also creates a habit that is easy to fall into. This is also an important part to mutual respect. This bond between the instructor and student is very special. The more consistent the student is the great the bond because their relationship deepens. It becomes visible in their interaction.

The instructor has dedicated their life to sharing their art through their own personal difficulties and challenges. Students as in life will be faced with “road blocks”, that stand in their way and can steal their spirit and motivation.

( Jin Shim) (진심 Sincere Mind),

The martial arts is a road to deep understanding of ourselves guided by the instructor. They have faced many of the same challenges, and know the best way around in the mere fact that they are where they are as a living example of overcoming them. What is important also to understand is that martial arts is a mind and body connection and BOTH have to develop consistently. The body has to develop muscle memory, while the mind the confidence to perform.

Without consistent class attendance, we miss the feedback to our own progress. There are many things we may not “see”, nor understand and by the instructors feedback we can grow.

If a student is not able to attend class knowing the instructor has a plan for them it is respectful to let the instructor know BEFORE the class. This would allow the instructor to change plans to meet the needs of others also. Other students may also rely on seeing each other in class because they are sharing the journey together and creating their own mutual support system.

I don’t know how many times after a class I have had students say “ I am so glad I came to class, I feel much better now!” Maybe they had a bad day and this is just they needed to release that stress through the physical training. So next time the “voice” says don’t go, remember that’s the one that’s not seeing the big picture.

Remember your instructor is waiting for you! You have a reserved spot Just for you.

Soo Bahk! Looking forward to seeing you in class…

Happy New Year!


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